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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Friday, June 09, 2006


Finally, the Meteorological Agency officially declared the beginning of "tsuyu", or the rainy season in Kanto Region. The weather was awful this spring, so this declaration doesn't really have any significance other than the source of the rain we already had been receiving.

From all the unnecessary delays and mismatching departures of public transportation this morning, I assumed that some unknown force was interfering my way to school. With an addition of my class schedule today, this unfortunate, time consuming way to school made me go home and sleep instead. I really favor my English class on Friday mornings, so it would have been nice if I was able to make it on time.

But, I did make another attempt to get to school, to arrive just in time for my fourth period. Yes, my second period was temporary cancelled and I don't have classes on third periods from the, it was a wasteful day, I guess.

What is this feeling inside me??All I need if time, perhaps.


There's not much to write about today...after all, it was basically an extension of yesterday. I slept through most of my classes today, taking notes whenever I felt like that information may turn out useful in the future. But, I listened to my Crime Law professor whom I adore. His classes are really understandable and are filled with funny and not-so-funny jokes.

My classes came and went normally, but after school, I had some confessions to make...not about myself, but about someone I know. This was one of the processes which is going to lead to this certain occurrence that is scheduled to take place on Monday next week.

Curious...but it would be really nice though. Honestly.

Thursday, June 08, 2006


I have never been that not concentrated. Today, I had absolutely no attention toward the professor in my Civil Law class...this probably is what it feels like to be "gogatsu-byo" or in my case, "rokugatsu-byo".
Somehow, I ended up in Maihama after class to revitalize myself with youth and excitement. Obviously, if you understand Japanese geography, you would probably understand the name of a certain facility I replaced with the word "Maihama".
To be honest, without a doubt, I had a lot of fun there. Since a significant amount of time has passed ever since I rode some of the attractions we went on today, today's rides were quite memorable. Plus, we were lucky enough to encounter the parade too. Last, but not least, the overall condition there was acceptable and we managed to take a ride on 6 attractions in total.

Apparently, from the use of the word "we", you can see how I went there in a group. However, I don't specifically remember who I was there with...hmmm. You can also see how I'm lying, like always.

This whole post could be a result of my daydreaming and these images could be from a mental projection of my virtual experience...who knows.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006


I'm beginning to get a lot less motivated against my classes lately. I did survive through May, the month of doom, but many symptoms resembling "gogatsubyou" are apparent June. With a little more than a month left until my finals, now's definitely not the time to be uninterested. Any solution??

Different topic. Humans are probably the most advanced specie on our planet and therefore, we have the most complex combinations of genes, allowing us to be diverse in countless ways. Differences resulting from this complexity allowed many ideas to fusion which resulted in numerous inventions we enjoy in our lives today. On the other hand, this diversity created many disputes among people in various fields. War is the easiest example to explain what I am trying to say here.

Two people possessing different chemistry and/or wavelength can act together to achieve marvelous results. Nonetheless, these differences can create unrecoverable "gap" in between these two.

I'm not criticizing any particular persons with these passages, but...some profound posts are acceptable on certain occasions, right...? But I think you've suffered long enough and you deserve much better relations.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Am I thinking too much again...?? Right after I thought I had began seeing faint "rays of light" through those "layers of cloud", a possible "rainfall" is about to strike me again. I have endured the raining season long enough already. Do sincerity, honesty and open-mindedness only bring misery to those who possess these values??

This observation is based on my conjecture, but from my experience, I think it's most likely. How sucky can a one's life get?? An endless fall into the abyss, I can't endure it anymore...nonetheless, this post can disappear tomorrow if my guess was wrong. Who knows. Momentarily, life sucks.

Sunday, June 04, 2006

shitte station lol

Last night, I ended up staying up all night for one particular was quite enjoyable though, unlike endless night of desperateness before exams and stuff. 5 hours flied while the sky steadily brightened itself to notify the arrival of morning.

Believe it or not, I went to bed at 6 today and was forcibly brought up by my parents at 8. Although I had work from 15, I was made a volunteer to assist the cleaning of my grandaunt's place. She passed away alone a couple of months ago and my grandfather was her only blood relative. Additionally, he was the one who inherited all of her assets.

We didn't get much work done today though, since we ended up talking most of the time at my grandaunt's house in Yokohama. I left her house at 14 and got to work. Sunday is the easiest day of the week because we don't have any time limitations. I was hoping to get rid of all the ordering forms today, but telephone calls interrupted me from my ambitions.

Tomorrow's work...again. Recently, I'm not enjoying work as much as I used to as a result of my adjustment. Nonetheless, there aren't many options available that pays off this well. Endurance is the key.