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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, January 15, 2005

full day

A day together with them two. We were planning on bringing them somewhere "Japanese" for example, Kamakura, but they told us that they've seen enough temples and shrines for a while. Time for Plan B. We then thought of bringing them to bowl, since they said it was a rare activity in Australia, but we couldn't bring them out with them only having parkers and sweaters on, which was insufficient to cover the chill of today.

As a result, we stayed home all day. lol It didn't snow as much as the forecast said it will but still, they were really excited when they sighted white snowflakes coming down from the sky. We played some video games, I lent them my PC for chatting and mailing and they told me a lot about up-to-date Western culture. It was quite interesting.

I've finally got a new cell handset! Not a state-of-the-art handset, but well enough. :)

Friday, January 14, 2005

give and take

After a session of "mock" MUN which began from the second period today, I was stranded in school until 6th period with Yuta. 2 hours and 40 minutes of waiting wasteful. So to at least enjoy that meaningless, spare time we got, we watched "The Full Monty" together in the library. It turned out that I've already seen it somewhere, most likely in my school or summer camp in the States. In my former image, cities in U.K. were really green and Victorian, but Sherfield, a city where the movie took place was totally different from my image.

At 14:20, we went to each of our 2nd foreign language class. I'm sorry to say this but it was really boring. I mean it. I would love to learn French, the language, but that class is unbearable.

I came home and Jamie and Callum were home before me. We played together like past two days, only friendlier. Those parody songs they brought on their iPods were hilarious..."Ebay"

That's all, folks...well, not really.

Where's my "santa"? This question arose again today onboard the subway on my way home. The forecasted high for tomorrow is 4C...the gift you promised me can certainly be useful. No, I haven't forgotten about it...why would I forget anything about you? I'm just waiting for my "santa" to deliver my gift or at least notify me if you're going to be late for whatever the reason. It's already the 14th of January, you know.

Actually, a lot of questions similar to the one above came up yesterday night when I was just about to sleep. I was really disappointed and depressed on numerous things, regarding many people. I know it's on this "concern" I always have with me, but it really got me last night. To say the truth, I was really close to this fact worth mentioning here? Well, no one reads this crap anyway.

The keyword is "GIVE AND TAKE". It's my policy. Not the meaning in dictionaries, which means something like "certain compromises are necessary sometimes", but the meaning composed from the words themselves; "GIVE" and "TAKE". When this balance breaks down, when you are devoting yourself to "care" someone else, but you can't feel it coming back...I get EXTREMELY disappointed and even furious at times.

There should be a certain amount of "care" I am given the right to expect from a person or people in certain circumstances. It's not at all demanding, but some care and thoughtfulness would make me REALLY HAPPY, DELIGHTED AND JOYFUL, which is something indescribable by word. That fulfillment would be much larger, if that person is in a more special "position", seen from my perspective...

I'm a bit relieved now, but at a fundamental level, I never will....

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Boy, it was long, wasn't it? Anyway, the proficiency tests are finally over, I mean in real life.

Homestay day 2. We played a game of Monopoly today, although I bankrupted...darn. lol There were hotels everywhere, impossible to evade. Unlucky me. The winner, Jamie, had about $6500 when the game ended. Wow.

I received a reply for the mail informing my friend in NJ about the flight today. On it, he said that his dad will do his best to pick me up at John F. Kennedy Airport upon my arrival. I can't thank them enough! This trip is going to be fantastic...wait for me you guys, I'm comin'! :)

Wednesday, January 12, 2005


You know what? I'm going to sue the one who created this year's test. The difficulty level is astronomical. Even 2-Rui students were suffering from it's trickyness.

Me? Hell, it killed ME. Mostly blank, bye-bye points, sinking score. So what...I swear I'll get a full mark in tomorrow's English. Yeah, you bet.

As I've written, homestay students from Australia arrived today. Although they're both 14, they're really gentle and polite. One's a bit shy, but the other is really asking me questions and stuff about Japan, some of them I can't answer from lack of my knowledge. They were watching sumo when I came home for God's sake. lol From these conversations we did today, my image of Australia changed dramatically. It seems like a nice place, just like my friend kept on insisting it is! lol That was my day one...before I go, I would like to note everyone that they're students' from my sister's exchange program, not mine.

One last thing. Are Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston really breaking up? If the story's true, it's kind of sad, isn't it?

Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Much easier than I thought, but I'm still not sure whether I did well or not as a whole. What I'm sure at the current point is that I've missed 3 kanjis. lol

Tomorrow, math.

Monday, January 10, 2005

spider solitaire level 3

Yes, I've beaten level 3 of spider solitaire for the first time just now! What an acomplishment! :)

Sunday, January 09, 2005


The proficiency test has come and gone inside my mind already, thanks to the research data I found out yesterday. Phew! All I'm going to do now is to get myself the ability to solve last year's math test. Just that.

My heart is kind of moving now, since we're going to have 2 students from Sydney, Australia for a homestay from the 12th. Sure, they're 13 year olds, which means that they're almost 5 years younger than me, but so what. Kids from Western nations are mature in many ways compared to Japanese kids and it's always nice to have an international influence nearby, whether they're young or old. I would dare not have any 13 year old Japanese kid for a homestay whatsoever, though. lol

What I am anticipating the most in this oppurtunity is for me given the chance to not only exercise my English skills, but actually pronouncing the words out. Pronounciation is the toughest element in English to maintain here in Japan, since no one understands you no matter how beautifully you speak in English. You can always read and write in English alone whenever you feel like doing it, but oral communication is scarcely exercised, even in my school. It doesn't mean we're not given the oppurtunities to do so, but most of the students in my class never spoke in English. I've been writing numerous times on this blog, I'm actually visiting the States in February. This is the best! I'm a bit worried about my fingerprints being taken at the customs, but so what. It's worth it, although it's going to be a lot tougher to commit criminal acts within the United States. jk I need that job I've applied for to earn money to spend there...please just inform me whether or not I'm going to be given my chance for an interview.