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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, July 31, 2004


The aftermath of last night's fireworks haven't burnt out yet...I can't type it into words, but it was just GREAT! From what I see in everyone's blogs, the project seemed favorble. I even found 2 similarities in everyone's blogs. lol My schedule today was turned though; I was "free" most of the day, and went to dinner at night. The reason for quotes is because I'm not supposed to be free...I should be working on the thesis. lol The food was delicious.

I was watching the Asia Cup soccer with my family after we came home. The game was sooooo irritating!!! I'm not really a soccer fan, therefore I probably lack the right to criticize the players, but it was like..."Why can't you just score on a chance like that!?". The game ended with a score of 1-1, and it was given additional 30 min. for extension. By nature, the Japanese team should've finished off the game by scoreing during the extension, but they were not able to make a decisive move, which brought the game to penalty kicks.

The Japanese team missed the first 2 kicks...they actually SLIPPED physically. I thought they ran too much prior to the kick. Why couldn't they just kicked normally into the goal, with some fainting perhaps? The kick would've been much more accurate. The Jordanian team on the other hand, goaled the first two, and the Japanese team was on the edge. Luckily, we were able to score 3 in a row, and the keeper Kawaguchi blocked all of the Jordanian attempts. Then, both teams missed the first sudden death kick, and on the 2nd attempt, Japan scored, Jordan missed, and as a result, Japan was somehow able to move on.

The lack of decisive moves has been the main target of criticizms against the Japanese team. Although the director has changed, it hasn't yet improved. Is it our nationality...very likely. Let's call it "Okunigara", in Japanese....perfect word, eh?

Friday, July 30, 2004


As the pic above shows you, the fireworks display did take place today. The weather forecast was a bit unstable, but it didn't rain at all. The fireworks were fabulous, and I had a wonderful time with it and everyone who came. This year was the 50th anniversary of my city, and the amount of fireworks launch was about 1.5 times more than an average year, plus the donated finale. Well, the naming of the starmines were a bit lame, but the contents of them were fantastic. Especially, the donated finale, supposedly costing 5 million yen, was eye-popping. This pic is showing the finalest part of the finale. We promised we are going again last year, with some seaside fun prior to the fireworks.

Whats more, I was able to think positive about the weather, and indeed the weather stayed relatively stable thoughout the day. I'm hoping today will be the turning point. Thank you guys, and all the personnels who made this great show a reality!

Oh yeah. I will never trust the forecast made by the Meteorlogical Agency again, ever. Although the turnout was good, their forecast was sooooo off!w

God didn't abandon us after all!

I've been observing the clouds for the past...6 hours, and the weather seems to be well enough for the fireworks. I guess the fate isn't as ironic as I thought. This can be a turning point for my negativenesss...positive thinking works! Furthermore, the city's determination was felt through the radio broadcasts, telling the citizens that the fireworks are going to be carryed out as planned..for 4 times! Now, with all the "dishes" set on the table, all I have to do now is...enjoy!!! Ciao! :-)

Thursday, July 29, 2004

prepare for the worst...

Really, can things get any worse? We are having a typhoon approaching, when I don't want it the most. It's supposed to be a rare, west-heading typhoon, which is only the 3rd one in the past 30 year...but who give the SHIT!? I mean come on...I'm already pissed enough about a lot of things, and yet another addition comes along. This is INSANE!

Wednesday, July 28, 2004


Recently, it seems that I'm thinking very negatively on issues and complexes, which is like the complete opposite of my normal self. It's true that I was an "over positive" thinker before, making beliefs at everything. But now things are quite different; I'm having doubts on everything...I also have this feeling , which is making me think I have failed and am failing on everything that are going on around me. For some reason, I conjecture I've done it again: slipped, finished, done, over...chances are going down the drain. I'm aware that a temporaral negativeness is an effective presciption to my "over positiveness", but it just isn't like me. Along with this, I'm beginning to think I'm losing myself, being flown by other individuals. Where are my opinions and ideas, which used to spurt out naturally from myself? Drought? Hope not... This is a chorus part extracted from a song by Jason Mraz. I anticipate that this song is going to be "The Remedy" for me.

Jason Mraz - "The Remedy (I Won't Worry)"
I won't worry my life away.
I won't worry my life away.

p.s. The aftermath of Japanese blog trend has finally arrived here. Whenever I could afford to time to, I'll try writing my entrees bilingually and today will be my first attempt...the topic is a bit heavy though.

Click here for the Japanese Version.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

choosing the snip

I wasn't able ot accomplish anything today, AGAIN...this lazyness has got to go somewhere. Unfortunately, I'm a type of a guy, who's easily dipped into the spiral of lazyness, once the vacation starts. I'll sware, I'm going to finish at least two of my assignments tomorrow; Mr. L.'s chronicles and...what else? lol

I did give some consideration on my thesis today though. I believe people are beginning to write their theses by now, but I'm still examining the snip, or the perspective of the thesis that I'm going to use to write. My topic is on Narita International Airport; how its usage can be improved. I've been reading and researching its background, and history, along with the backgrounds on the similar sized airports worldwide. However, the more I research, the topic is becoming more and more difficullt, and less realistic.

Currently, I have thought up of two candidate perspectives. One is on the improvement of the airport facilities. The other is on improvement of airport services, and decreasement of the landing fees, accompanying the privatalization. The former is preferable, since the topic is more interesting for me to reseach, although the corroboration of my "theory" is very difficult, because of the land problem the airport drags. If the land acquisition is completed, the corroboration will be easy, since I'll be able to use the numbers and calculations published already, which can be used as a stable evidence for the development of my thesis. The latter, will be based on the statistics, calculations and comparisons. This perspective will be easier to prove, since there already is a sample case, but it will be more difficult to write, because of its economical features, and my lack of interest.

Which one will be chosen? I'm currently leaning on the latter choice...I don't want take any chances on this. Even with the perspective chosen, I still carry this major issue, which goes along not only with this project, but anything Japanese in the future...kanji, and sentence structure...oh bummer.

Monday, July 26, 2004

a practical summer day

I've decided yesterday that I wasn't going to do anything today, so I did nothing, following my decision. That's!

Sunday, July 25, 2004

this and that

My class's so called "culture festival people" gathered together for our first time at Mikito's house today, to discuss the culture festival project planning for the summer. Unfortunately, there were too many gizmos and entertainments in his house, which did a great job in making us play and chat around for the most of the period, instead of discussing on the details about the project.

Our rendezvous was planned at 10:30am. Most of us arrived on time, and we walked over to his house. There, we

1. hanged around in his house for a while, talking and chattering about various, unrelated to the culture festival subjects.
2. while some of us were playing on the Playstation, others created a mailing list, which we plan on using for communication.
3. invented and cooked ourselve lunch, from the ingredients we gather around in the supermarket.
4. began making specific plans and date for the shootout of two of our projects.
5. continued on chit-chatting after Mina left, and Reeko came.
6. left his house at 17:00pm.

At least, we were able to make our plans for our first shootout, as seen here in number 4. Also, I hope the mailing list will act out as a connector between us and the other classmates...we are always looking forward for your participation, class! lol

One last thing. It is final that these guys are going to come over on the 30th for the fireworks. Their visit is titled, "Culture Festival Meeting 1' ", which is mainly for an entertaining purpose. I hope these meetings will increase our solidarity and friendship...of course, it will! :)