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so・lil・o・quy/- n. [C,U] a speech in a play in which a character talks to himself or herself, so that the audience know the character's thoughts.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


You know what I did today: work. There also were some differences though when today's compared with the rest of the days of this week. When I came home, my grandfather was there.

Ever since my father's aunt or my grandfather's sister died, we had been doing all these stuff that are considered necessary when someone passes away. Now, with all the ceremonial things done, we have to work on her will and inheritance. The only reason why my dad is frequently coming home when his office is in Osaka is because of this.

My grandaunt had no kids and since she passed away suddenly, my grandfather, her only family is taking charge of all these stuff. But he's 87 and that's the reason why my dad is deeply involved in these matters.

Besides that, as a tradition, my grandfather bought all these tasty cuisine from the underground food market in Yokohama Sogo, making our dinner a lot more gorgeous that normal. With sake, sushi and all the stuff my grandfather brought along with him, we had a huge dinner that practically covered our dining table fully. I have been eating way too well and way too much lately. I'd better get myself shaped up. Seriously. lol

Friday, March 24, 2006

to vatican and back

Before, in the days of The DaVinci Code, I had made countless round trips between Paris/London and Japan through an exciting, world famous bestseller by Dan Brown. Now, instead of Paris and London, I am making warps into Citta Del Vaticano or Vatican City through Angels and Demons; a novel starring a team of Dan Brown, the author and Robert Langdon, the main character.

This novel, like The DaVinci Code, introduces Robert Langdon, a Harvard symbologist who is brought into an adventure from a single phone call. Unlike The DaVinci Code where he takes a greater, more important role in the plot, I felt that his existence is a bit more vague in Angels and Demons. Nonetheless, the novel is as exciting as The DaVinci Code and the author's imaginations, loosely based on factual organizations and locations really impress me. What's more, the novel's an exciting material to read.

Other than the plot which I really favor, I just adore Robert Langdon's character, especially his inner thoughts that are expressed with italic letters in both novels. He is played by Tom Hanks in the filmization of The DaVinci Code and I am interested in how his character is described and acted out by Tom Hanks in the movie. I deeply anticipate the film as well. It's worldwide premiere date is set for the 20th of May.

I just can't wait, but for now, I will situate myself in The Holy See and will keep myself busy, following Langdon's adventure though my own perspective.

Enough introduction. What is this feeling that flows deep inside me, a sense of distrust that is haunting me most of the time whenever I am in this country? Because of a strong, PC repellent I have on now, I don't feel like specifically writing it all down here, but why can't I feel happy at the bottom of my soul? Is this the root cause of my uninterest I talked about?

Sure, like all people, I too am in a pursuit for knowledge, sharing relationship where people are bonded together through trust. For some reason, I always feel left out. It always seem like everyone's got this common knowledge they share within them, without me. But when I have the will of leaving this country sooner or later to find a relative happiness which I don't think I can't find here, then human relationship here will not have much value. Seriously, what good is it to put my effort in something I won't find much value in?

Nevertheless, whenever corporate executives or that sort of people make a speech about his/her lives, they almost always praise and insist how invaluable good human relationships are. Is this an universal fact or did the era change? Is it worth it for me to continue on my attempt to "peel other onions' skin"? Is it worth it for me to feel used for giving service and being open?

This probably is one of those things men can never understand. It's always great to question though...right? I always try to solve problems on my own, but this is something I can't really do anything on. I know being foreign in this mediocre land will only make my unhappy, but this is me. Like I said, I can't do anything about it.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

work again

Basically, I am type of a guy who will compromise my income for less work hours to create some spare time for my own good. Unfortunately, I don't really have the choice but to work this month. I never expected myself to be thrown into a shift of mainstream workers at my new job which fortunately or unfortunately, depending on my perspective, happened.

Yes, with a relatively expensive hourly wage, this reality would accelerate the process of debt paying, nevertheless, these continuous hours I'm spending in Minatomirai, working my ass killing me both physically and mentally.

Actually, I worked at the movie theater today since I've left Tuesdays and Thursdays day out of my schedule I handed in to my new office during my interview last month. Here too, my manager gave me 3 additional hours onto my shift. It was a bit refreshing though to be in a different environment though.

Now, I have another dilemma I must overcome in April. Since all the seniors left this month, my section at the movie theater is filled with newcomers. As a veteran (sort of), I have no choice but to induct all the know-hows to these newbies before I make my selection or else, the whole theater will be in chaotic condition with everyone, not knowing what to do whatsoever.

What kind of responsibility have I gotten myself into...I can always leave with a two weeks notice though. That is one of the rights I have as a student worker. Cruel, ain't it? lol

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

workin' hard

Today was nothing but work, just like many of the days consisting my spring break. I worked in my new job like always, inputting ordering forms as fast as I can. Unfortunately, despite my shallow experience, I ended up having all these form with complicated procedures and was given a lot of advice regarding some unconventional steps that had to be taken to properly input those types of forms.

During the lunch break, when I was walking around Landmark Plaza located nearby my office, I saw a pianist playing numerous Chopin songs on the piano. Her performance was fascinating and she played a lot of famous songs, such as Etude No. 10 and that song featured in the movie "The Pianist".

Afterwards, I inputted more and more ordering sheets into the computer and I ended up with 13 in total. A new record. However, there's a lot more I must learn like the procedures I was talking about before. I am really fast at typing consider in my experience, but some things have to be learned, in order to make the whole process faster.

Anyway, this job is a great computer repeller. I feel sick of typing after all that inputting I had to do during work. It would be great for computer addicts, who just can't get their hands off their keyboards. I wouldn't have written this post if it wasn't for my English skills.

Tomorrow is another work day, back at the movie theater. It could be a bit difficult for me to catch up, though. Who knows.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

middle school

After my day in Machida, I left my grandparents' early in the morning, putting myself in the morning rush of commuters from Machida to my office in Minatomirai. I was lucky since I was able to find myself a train that departed from Machida station and also was able to secure myself a seat.

What I did for work today didn't differ much from what I did on Saturday. Continuous inputting of ordering forms that came via FAX. I left my office at around 17:30 and headed for Kita Gate of Yokohama station for a meeting I had planned out with my friends from middle school. As I expected, they all became a bit late, but it was all integrated into my calculation. lol

Due to my friend's request, I reserved an "okonomiyaki" pancake house that was not too far from the Kita Gate of Yokohama station. A 2 hour, "eat and drink as much as you like" course satisfied our appetite well and we had a lot of fun actually making the pancakes in a mood that was basically the same as those of the ones we were in when we were in middle school.

After dinner, we went to an amusement complex located in Yokohama called ROUND1 and there, we sang for 2 hours, played some medal games for 30 minutes. And by the time we got back to Yokohama station, we only had a single train that went back to Zushi.

Logically thinking, we four don't have anything in common, other than the fact that we were in the same class the second year. We never were in the same club and none of us live close. Further more, we are all in different universities now. But this relationship I was able to construct in that short span of time I went to a local school in Zushi is one of my friendships I think I'll be able to treasure.

Our next meeting is planned in June. Until then.

Sunday, March 19, 2006


Today, I visited Machida in suburban Tokyo for some shopping that was necessary for the upcoming academic year which begins from April. We all woke up a bit earlier than usual, hopped on to our car and had an hour-long drive there. After shopping, we stayed at my grandparents' which is also located in suburban area of the city.

From stationery to clothing, there's nothing you can't find in that city of 400,000. It is one of the largest commercial centers in the district and there always seems to be something new and different about it. Since my grandparents visit us more often than my family going over, we don't really go there frequently, but still, the rate of change that is seen in that town is amazing.

At my grandparents', we had a big dinner. My grandfather kept on serving me all sorts of alcohol which got me significantly drunk. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, eating and drinking with a lot of conversations. I got to bed pretty early, since I had work and my office is farther away from Machida than from Zushi.

That about it.